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Hold your damn horses!
Hi, my name is Allen and I'm lost in this sprawling wilderness those have called the new frontier... Won't you help me find my way?
I like sushi. Yum!
I like video games, beer, films, comic books, TV, going to shows, music, basketball, dvds........and YOU!
I went to school at:Fenstanton Primary, Eugene Padan Elementary, Thornhill Elementary, Elkhorn Middle School, Franklin County High School, The University of Kentucky, and Northwestern University ....

As of late I have been collecting original comic book art. These are the actual pages the artist created that were published in the comic. So far I have several of my favorite artists:

Madman Comics 1, pg. 2
Superheros can be cool, snazzy and odd. All of that is captured in the offbeat work of Mike Allred. The first time I saw Graphique Musique, I knew Allred was special. Here's a great page showcasing Frank's lack of superpowers...they exist in his dreams...Thanks to Mitch Itkowitz for this beauty.

The Ghost Rider
What a nice guy Dick is! I heard him speak in Chicago and he is living history. To hear him talk about the glory days of working with Jack Kirby was great. He did this Ghost Rider for me and I'm very happy to have it.

Shade the Changing Man 4, pg. 4
Yeah, I'm bad! And so in the American Scream. Here's an early page from the mind of Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo. I really love these pre-Vertigo Vertigo titles.

Swamp Thing 8 Cover Prelim
This is an interesting pen and ink prelim that Bisley did in preperation for the cover painting he did for the new Swamp Thing series. This is as close to a real Bisley cover that I'll ever come. His finished pieces are going for thousands upon thousands. Pretty nice score for me.

Thrillkiller '62 pg. 13
Beautiful and elegant, fully painted page. Only a handful of comic artists paint and Dan is one of the best! The image does no justice to the vibrant colors of the original. Nice image of Babs Gordon and her father! Bought directly from Dan.
Here's Dan's signature.

Thrillkiller 3, pg. 10
Here's a very emotional and touching page in which Dick Grayson learns that his parents are dead. Barbara is there to catch him as he weeps in her arms. Counterpointing Dicks's tragic news is the portrait of Bruce Wayne's own murdered parents hanging just above his head. This is beautiful and sad. It was a Christmas gift from my ex-girlfriend.

World's Finest 2
Here's a wonderful Superman page that my ex-girlfriend bought for me for my 31st birthday. Classic Brereton. Great close-up of Superman.

Conan Movie Adaptation 2 pg. 1
Here's a splash page (literally) from the classic barbarian film. This really put Arnold on the scene. And what a cool scene this is! Nobody drew Conan like John Buscema did. He truly was my favorite Conan artist. When I saw this I snapped it up immediatley. Thanks to Albert Moy for this one.

Sonic the Hedgehog 65, pgs 2-3
Excellent 2 page spread from a story titled "Fellowship of the Rings".

WildCats Annual 1, pg. 3
The superstar that Travis was about to become hasn't quite surfaced here. His style is more akin to Jim Lee (who incidentally inked this page) is seen in the storm's speed lines. I picked this unlikely page because it seemed to sum up much of my feelings about Providence, RI. I picked this up from Travis at the 2003 San Diego Comic Con and at the time Richard Friend commented that he bet Travis never expected someone to pick that page from the portfolio. Art needs to make a connection, and here it did...to me, if no one else.

WildCats 15, pg. 9
Now, here we see Travis' highly-sought after style begin to gel. So clean and bold and black and defined. This was inked by Troy Hubbs who sold me this for a song. I'm very lucky to have this nice example. If not for Troy I doubt I'd ever be able to purchse something like this.

Young Romance 176, pg. 4
Excellent, campy romance page from the kooky DC title. The 1970s we're the greatest, weren't they? --My heart pounded,my knees trembled-- cool....

From Hell 2, pg. 14
Interestingly dark page from Eddie and Alan Moore's epic about Jack the Ripper. Eddie said he wasn't happy with the way the original page turned out, so he redid it for the graphic novel. This is the reworked page. "From Hell" is a major motion picture featuring Johnny Depp! I also have page 6 from issue 3. Bought directly from Eddie and Chris Staros.

Mermaid and Pirates
I'd been wanting a nice example of Darcy's work for over ten years. I loved her comic "Meat Cake" and just thought the world of her art style. I contacted her and had several conversations with her about her work and life. I eventually ended up with this cool self-portrait. Very sexy.

Fightman 1, pg. 15
Possibly the funniest writer/artist working. I snagged this nice page from him at an indie comic show in Chicago several years ago. He was sold out of his "Milk and Cheese" art. But this is still a great page! Bought directly from Evan.

TMNT Leonardo
Kevin drew this large pin-up of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Leonardo, for me, for FREE! I met him at Capital Cities' Retailer summit many years ago. He said that the Turtles had been so good to him that he, "...just wanted to give something back". Luckily I was there to receive it!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, pg. 17
Here's a recently unearthed page from Eastman and Laird's TMNT. This is very early in the run and I'm quite pleased as punch to have pried it from the hands of its former owner. There's even almost a turtle on the page! He's in the van...see his head? It's funny to think that Kevin originally had a hard time selling these pages. On the back, in pencil, is written "$20.00". TWENTY DOLLARS!!! Why can't we have prices like that anymore???

TMNT 10 House ad
This piece was used in TMNT 10 plus a few other books to promo TMNT 11, "True Stories". Very nice splash featuring April O'Neil. I love that the page also includes all the Turtles and Casey Jones! This one has them all.

Spirit Magazine Cover prelim.
Comics' debt to Will Eisner can never be repaid. He developed the icons and the vocabulary. After hearing him speak, I had to own something by him. This is really all I could afford, but it is beautiful. What a master.

Spirit World 1, "Children of the Flaming Wheel" pg. 3
Here's a photo collage I thought was done by Jack Kirby. The published page is black and white, but as the bad scan shows, the original had some color. The models are actual photos, the backgrounds are magazine clippings. I thought this was an interesting piece and how many Kirby "Foto-Features" do you see? Well apparently not many. Mr. Evanier (who was Jack Kirby's assistant for many years) told me that Jack Kirby might have looked over his shoulder while he was completing it, but all was done by Mark Evanier. The people in the photos are friends of Steve Sherman (the other assistant editor of "Spirt World"). It's still a cool page and Mr. Evainer was very kind to explain its origins to me.

Sketch 1
Sketch 2
And you thought he could only write. Well, I thought so too, but I learned differently at the 1991 (or 1990) Atlanta Dragon Con. Neil was on a panel and was sketching while he wasn't talking. Scott Hampton (or perhaps it was Bo) commented that Neil could draw as he noticed the sketching. Neil left the papers on the table when he left. I was up there immediatley and snaggged them. "My Dad mugged Neil Gaimen and I got was this lousy TEE-shirt". And a sense of humor as well!

Heckler 1, pg. 22
I really loved this manic, short-lived series. Giffen was in his kinetic, whacked-out element with this title. Here's the end page from issue 1. Thanks to Albert Moy for this one.

Girl On Bed (sort of)
Shane worked with Bruce Timm (who inked this piece) while working on Batman: The Animated Series. His animation style is beautifully simple.

Millie the Model 111 p.1, 2, 3, 5
Here's a complete, oversized 4 page story from 1963. "Millie the Model" is a hard to find comic, try finding the original art! It's done in the classic "Archie" cartoon style. Kitchy! Millie runs for Mayor! Written by Stan Lee! I recently found an additional page from this issue. It states that it is g. 28, but I believe it's page 3 from a backup story. Anyone have any other pages from issue 111? Thanks to Anthony Synder for these.

Space Girl
Dig Mike's retro-sexy illustrations. Zippity zap zap!

Deadline 5, pg. 8
I've always wanted a "Tank Girl" page and finally, after many a year searching, one came along. This is a relatively early page and is quite detailed.

Detective Comics 735, pg. 19
This is a beautiful, Bill Sienkiewicz inked page featuring Batman, Robin and Poison Ivy. Sienkiewicz really is one the the best artists, let alone inkers, of all time. This is a subtle, yet rich page.

Strange Tales 92, pg. 14
Some people say that the character here is a "prototype" for Kang the Conqueror. Others will argue against "prototypes" altogether. I am certain, however, that it doesn't matter to me either way. This is, afterall, a large Marvel silver age page created by the King. It actually came to me via Kevin Eastman, who gave it to his cousin Jason, who in turn gave it to me. Jason told me that is was Kevin's first Kirby page. It was Jason's first as well. And, it is also my first Kirby. Did Kirby throw in a self portrait here?

Gunsmoke Western 64, pg. 27
Here's a Kirby western page. Also via the collection of Kevin Eastman. Inked by comics legend Dick Ayers. I met Dick in March of 2000 and he signed the page for me. Very nice guy who has some great stories.

Eternals 14, pg. 14
Nice, clean page with a 1/3rd splash at the top. Many characters here. Nicely inked by my favorite Kirby inker, Mike Royer.

Captain Victory 9, pg. 8
Much "flatter" example of Kirby's later work. Demonstrates Kirby's "cosmic machinery" for which he was so well associated.

Captain Victory 9, pg. 12
Here's a Kirby image of a damn big head. Woowhee! That's a big, big head! This is an up close sample of the King's Big Head style.

Machine Man 5, pg. 20
Machine Man is in all 6 panels.

Black Panther 12, pg. 21
Black Panther isn't on this page, but it is signed by the King!

Our Fighting Forces 155, pg. 1
My First Kirby war page. Excellent stat of the Losers along the right side of the page. I also have the complete Jack Adler color art for this issue. I don't have the cover, however. Anyone have this??

Silver Star 2, pg. 19
Here's an excellent half page splash. Great explosion and wonderful close up of Silver Star himself. Ok, I can't really afford a Captain America page of the same calibur, but this is the next best thing. Inked by Mike Royer.

Namor 35, pg. 8
Jae has a nice splatter ink style. This is a good example. Lovely Tigershark growl and explosive Namor fist action!

Invasion 1, pg. 19
I had a chance to buy a relatively cheap page of Todd "Spawn" McFarlane's early work. This is from the classic DC mini series/crossover INVASION. Quite a few sketches of various DC characters. Pretty cool. And inked by P. Craig Russell.

CREEPER 2, Pg. 6
Here's an interesting page from the new Creeper series. Wonderfully manic and angular. Martinbrough has a disticnt style that is really complemented by Sal Buscema's inks. I've not really cared for Buscema's Spiderman art (it was always too sharp and geometric) but here it works as excellent counterpoint to the overall feel of the title.

LEGION 91, Annual 4, pg. 41
I've always liked Mike's art. I was always strangely drawn to the LEGION series (don't ask me why...the heart wants what the heart wants...) When the opportunity presented itself to acquire an inexpensive page like this, I took it. The black circles are actually on an acetate overlay.

Rocket Raccoon 1, pg. 17
I remember reading this mini-series as a kid, and now I have an actual page from it! Plus, it's by Mignola. Try getting one of his Hellboy pages...

Hellboy T-Shirt Design
I was lucky enough to catch Mike very early at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con. Got this great headshot of Hellboy that he used for a T-Shirt design. Great image!

WildCATS Version 3, 1 pg. 25
I really like Dustin's art on this new WildCATS series. Richard Friend's inking is amazingly detailed. The subtle nuances in the faces tell the whole story. How dramatic can a quiet scene in a bar be? Well, quite dramatic it appears.

Detective Comics 701, pgs. 18-19
Nice two page fight sequence between Batman and Bane. Bane holds Batman's head underwater which triggers an origin flashback.
Inked by Scott Hannah

The Baroness
I was quick to snap up this great color pin-up piece of GI-JOE'S Baroness. I love Phil's work. The women he draws imply intelligence and beauty. I love his female faces! So seductive.

Marshall Law 1, pg. 15
Here's a large scan of the page from the book. It's actually quite a bit darker than the original page that I have. Kev drew, inked and painted this intial Marshall Law series himself. Very nice fight scene with lots of the good Marshall doing what he does best! Thanks to Jason Eastman for this excellent fight page.

Thunder of Oceanic Power
Gary's Letter
Most famously known as the man who designed the look of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Gary Panter art has always been a quest for me. From his creation of "Jimbo" to his early art for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and work in "Raw", this artist is truly amazing. I jumped at the chance to get this great commision from him. I gave him three words: Women, Tattoo and Danger. He came up with "Thunder of Oceanic Power". Amazing!

Hellblazer 1, pgs. 2-3
I guess this book (along with Doom Patrol and Sandman) really cemented my love for the medium. Comics could really do so much more than I ever imagined. Hellblazer was so scary! One of Vertigo's longest running titles begins here.

Mister Miracle and Big Barda
I was last on the list at the WizardWorld convention in 2001 for a Steve Rude commision sketch (there were 5 of us). The one guy who was 5th originally dropped out so I could take his place (what a nice guy!) He said he already had one from a previous year. I've always loved "The Dude's" take on Kirby and couldn't resist an escaping Mister Miracle. Since I was last, and Steve was running behind, he stayed way after the convention was over (for that day) to finish this up for me. I was afforded a great opportunity to watch him work. I absolutly love this sketch!

Nexus, Sundra and cow
I commisioned this from Steve during his "Nexus Animated Fundraiser". He was auctioning sketches on EBay to raise enough money to start the Nexus cartoon pilot. My exact description of what I wanted from this piece was: "Nexus (in costume, mask off, however) performing some amazing feat, quite easily, while Sundra looks on and is laughing." I am pretty amused with the results.

Elektra, Assassin 2, pg. 12
What a beautiful page. Paint, airbrush, ink, plus Elektra's sexy ninja butt. What more could you want? Well, look on the back and you see some pencil sketches.

Back of page

Here are some closeups from the back:
Detail of Back 1,
Detail of Back 2,
Detail of Back 3
Are these Frank Miller's musings for "Dark Knight"? Maybe I'm being overly optimistic. What do you think?
Here are some comparisons between images on the back of the page and scenes from "The Dark Knight Returns".
Comparison 1,
Comparison 2,
Comparison 3,

Elektra, Assassin 5, pg. 21
Elektra's there. See, she's holding onto the helicopter. Squint!
Elektra, Assassin 6, pg. 8
I know I mentioned Elektra's sexy ninja butt before, but here, really, is a much better shot! It's all nice and clean! I'd drop my drink too!

Dune 3, pg 17
My favorite series of books was made into a "Alan Smithee" (David Lynch) film and this, in turn, was adapted by Marvel Comics. Here Bill beautifully lays down some extensive inkwork for the climatic scene where the Fremen, led by Paul, ride the worms into the Harkonnen stronghold and retake it. The shaping of a universe is at hand. What a great page.

Spectre 6, pg. 3
Spectre 8, pg. 2
Here are a couple of very nice title pages from the new DC Spectre series. Sook is very much influenced by the style of Mignola, but he seems to be developing his own style now. I think these pages illustrate this transitional period. Bought via Jim Royal the inker (and Spencer Beck). Great prices!!

Sandman 36, pg. 6
Sandman 36, pg. 24
Ahh, Sandman. Neil Gaiman revolutionized intelligent mainstream comics. I've always wanted a page or 2 from Sandman. Here are a couple that don't feature the titular character (because I'm not made of money). Explosive, no?

Blood 2, pg. 40
This was my first exposure to Kent's work. I've always wanted a page from this beautiful book. And here it is. Kent displays watercolor and ink. Very mixed here. Thanks to Scott Eder for this.

Blade Runner 2, pg. 37
BLADERUNNER! I had never seen a page from this available until most recently. It had to be mine. Roy meets his maker and takes his eyes...then his life. Oedipal?

Katy Keene Glamour 1, pg. 24
Pep 134, pg. 15
Man, I really dig this vintage, oversized good girl art. Woggon was amazing at this. I'll try to get better scans asap.

Hold your damn horses!

Grant Morrison is the best writer working in comics today. Period. I love his stories and the way he translates his imagination into the written word. He pulls in so many references from strange and obscure sources. I have recently started collecting art based on his scripts. The writer makes the series and here are some examples.

Animal Man 5 cover prelim
This book, more than any other Morrison title, really changed me. Perhaps it was because I was young and impressionable...or because of Grant's breaking of the 4th and 5th walls, this stroyline resonates with me like no other. It is interesting to note that Brian Bolland is actually left handed. He used his right hand as a model for this cover.

Kill Your Boyfriend 1, pg. 50
What a devious, anarchic little story. I really dig Phil's art style. The "cartoony" nature really underscores (and helps offset) the dark side of what Grant's writing about. Cool adventure...on acid. And hey, there's incest!

Doom Patrol 21, pg. 6
"Rhode Island...and then our luck ran out." Has Grant been to Rhode Island? Did I move here just to collect this page? Time is happening all at once.

Doom Patrol 21, pg. 7

Doom Patrol 21, pg. 16
Here's a great 2/3 splash and early appearance of Rebis. Doom Patrol broke new ground for DC through the remarkable writing of Grant Morrison. I'm extremely lucky to have a page from his first storyline on the series!

Doom Patrol 22, pg. 20
Grant Morrison's first story arc on this groudbreaking title climaxes here. Rebis presents Orqwith with the ultimate paradox. In a puff of logic, the City of Bone, the Scissormen, and the Watch Priests simply disappear. I first saw the higher potential of comics with this storyline.

Doom Patrol 23, pg. 13
Doom Patrol 23, pg. 14
Doom Patrol 23, pg. 15
Doom Patrol 23, pg. 16
Doom Patrol 23, pg. 17
Doom Patrol 23, pg. 18
Doom Patrol 23, pg. 19
Doom Patrol 23, pg. 21

Doom Patrol 40, pg. 14
I really love Grant Morrison's writing. Here's a nice semi-splash featuring Rebis and an army!

Doom Patrol 48, pg. 2
The Uncanny Sex-Men, as it was written in the margins!

Doom Patrol 60, pg. 24
Here's an excellent splash ending page. Cliff Steele is DESTROYED?!?!!? I bought this page from Stan Woch, the inker. The whole creative team of Doom Patrol complemented each other so well. Writing, penciling, inking, and even the lettering -- man I loved this series.

Doom Patrol 45, pg. 17
Doom Patrol 45, pg. 19
Doom Patrol 45, pg. 20
Doom Patrol 45, pg. 21
Doom Patrol 45, pg. 22
Doom Patrol 45, pg. 23
Doom Patrol 45, pg. 24
Here's a nice run from one of my favorite series, "Doom Patrol". Nice sequence of Niles in the fight of his life. Morrison saves him by electrocuting his enemy via cereal. Kooky! Inks by Malcolm Jones III.

Doom Force 1, pg.2-3
Ahh, the not so gentle spoofing of Rob Liefeld's art and story-style done by Morrison in his oh-so subtle way! What a great combination of Doom Patrol and X-Force. Bought from Keith Giffen, but the page lists the credits as being done by Ian Montgomery and Brad Vancata. I asked Keith and he said he didn't remember.

The Invisibles Vol. 2, 8 pg. 6
The Invisibles Vol. 2, 8 pg. 7
Here's a nice sequence between King Mob and Robin. Where do you think Grant's going here? Is he really writing himself into the story? If so, is that really Jill Thompson as Robin? Hmm....

Marvel Boy 1, pg. 19
Although hard to tell from this scan, the page is mangled and creased. The seller sent the page to me in what basically amounted to a manilla folder. The cardboard was so thin it was laughable. This might not have been so bad, but he sent it to me from the UK! Geezus! This has been my worst art experience ever. It's so disappointing to get a piece of art that has been damaged like this. Ugh.

The Invisibles Vol. 3, 1 pg. 17
The Invisibles Vol. 3, 1 pg. 18
Beautiful work by Quitely here on the last issue of this amazing series. We end with a number 1 issue...it all comes full circle. And just how the hell did I end up with page 17? This is the climax of the entire 3 year run! Finally the supercontext comes down from Barbelith and humanity is "upgraded". A new way of life is here.

The Invisibles Vol. 1, 15 pg. 2 (unpublished splash)
The Invisibles Vol. 1, 15 pg. 7
The Invisibles Vol. 1, 15 pg. 12
The Invisibles Vol. 1, 15 pg. 18
The Invisibles Vol. 1, 15 pg. 21
The Invisibles Vol. 1, 15 pg. 22
The Invisibles Vol. 1, 15 pg. 23
Chicago's own beautiful Jill Thompson creates some excellent art on one of the best storylines from the first year of The Invisibles, "She Man". Presented here is the climatic fight between King Mob, Fanny and Brodie. More importantly, Grant weaves Fanny's origin and initiation (from the past) into the current conflict. The past and the future both change each other. I really like the unpublished splash page. So dramatic. I like it better than the one they ended up going with. The focus should have been on Fanny's eyes. This is her beginning. Beginning from within. Not an old bone god. I feel very lucky to have any of Jill's work. These are my first pages of hers.

Animal Man 4, pg. 17
It's the death of B'Wana Beast. Man, this series was so great. It really began playing with the concept of animal rights, social responsibility and family life. All in a super hero setting. Amazing.

Animal Man 5, pg. 16
Here's a bad scan of a page from possibly my favorite comic of all time. Animal Man was really Grant's turning point as an author. He brought himself, the author, into his stories in a literal way with this comic. Animal Man #5, "The Coyote Gospel" broke the dimensional barrier between reader, writer and, most importanly, character. Everything he did since can be traced, in someway, back to this comic."The Invisibles" was written to change the world. Animal Man #5 changed me.

Animal Man 8, pg. 4
Here's another bad scan of a nice splash page. Buddy comes face to face with an unlikely tormentor, the Mirror Master. Or is the enemy actually himslef and his relationship with his family?

The Invisibles Vol. 2, 10 pg. 10

The Invisibles Vol. 2, 19 pg. 5-6
This is the best work by Chis (or anyone) in the entire The Invisibles run. The detail is amazing in person. Such line work! I'm extrememly happy to have acquired this piece. "God is in the machine" exclaims Quimper. Actually God is in the details, and Chris here is the devine.

The Invisibles Vol. 2, 21 pg. 6
Grant and Jill at it again. What a fond farwell...

Anarchy For The Masses, endpiece
So riddled with references and backstory was The Invisibles, an annotated guide was published. This is the creepy little Quimper doing what he likes. What a strange creation. Chris does a great job with this twisted character.

The Invisibles Vol. 1, 2 pg. 18
The Invisibles Vol. 1, 3 pg. 8
Here's a couple of really nice early pages featuring Dane on the road to becoming Jack Frost. He is introduced to the concept of "Barbelith" by Tom. Tom then proceeds to help Dane see with new eyes!

Hold your damn horses!


2000 AD Prog. 60 pg. 29
The artists/editor's notes on the back of this page read: (Rollerball Rip-off!) . Seems pretty true to me. They also call Tom Tully (The football-guy).

2000 AD Prog. 311 pg. 4
The "editor" of 2000 AD, Tharg the Mighty, is here featured in his own storyline entitled "Invasion of the Thrill-Snatchers".

2000 AD Prog. 226 pg. 22
2000 AD Prog. 226 pg. 23
2000 AD Prog. 226 pg. 24
2000 AD Prog. 226 pg. 25
Here is the full 4 page "Mean Arena" story from prog. 226. It's nice to have all the art for an episode...my first one!

2000 AD Prog. 1053
This is a fairly recently painted page from 2000 AD's Sinister/Dexter story arc. Another mixed media piece that came out quite well.

2000 AD Prog. 1073 pg. 15
2000 AD Prog. 1098 pg. 17
Direct political satire? Does it work? The art looks good. These are two pages from B.L.A.I.R.1. Be he human or demon?

2000 AD Prog. 405, pg. 18
Here's a nice page featuring both Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson. It is from the classic "City of the Damned" epic story arc. I think I got a deal on this page because the guy selling it didn't know who drew it. Steve is a great Dredd artist who is enjoying popular runs on DC's "Preacher" and Marvel's "Punisher". Although I think his art on these new American series is good, it really doesn't hold up to the detail he put into his work on 2000 AD. This is an atypical page, however. His style is represented more by the 2 upper right panels and not the splash. Usually he emulated Brian Bolland's clean and tight line work.
2000 AD Prog. 405, pg. 22
Dredd's eyes are gone! But now he knows how to save the future!

2000 AD Prog. 88
Even though he co-created Judge Dredd, Ezquerra is most closely associated with the character Johnny Alpha -Strontium Dog- that he created in the pages of the British "Starlord" comic. 2000 AD eventually assimilated Starlord and Strontium Dog went on to even greater popularity. Here's a page from this excellent series.

2000 AD Prog. 204 pg. 4
2000 AD Prog. 205
Here're two pages from one of my favorite SD storylines; "Portrait of a Mutant". I feel very lucky to have any Ezquerra SD art.

2000 AD Prog. 363 pg. 24
"Outlaw" is the name of the story and this is a nice page with that old kook Middenface McNulty!

2000 AD Prog. 1 Harlem Heroes Splash
2000 AD Prog. 2 Harlem Heroes Splash
These Dave Gibbons pages are a huge score for me. My favorite comic of all time is the English "2000AD". It is an anthology that began in 1977 and was the birthplace of Judge Dredd. I happened to be living is England at the time it came out and can still remember buying the first issue off of the newsstand. I was 7 at the time. The opportunity to purchase a couple of original early pages recently just presented itself and I jumped at it. These are large pages. Bought directly from Dave Gibbons.

2000 AD Prog. 31
The Return of Whitey from Prog 2! Will Dredd have his revenge??

2000 AD Prog. 56 pg. 19
It's Elvis, the Killer Car! Very nice early Dredd.

2000 AD Prog. 153 pg. 3
One of my all time favorite characters from 2000AD was "Sam Slade, Robo Hunter". Here is a LARGE title page from episode 2 of the epic story-arc "Day of the Droids". I don't have any other piece of art larger than this one. It is amazing just how big these pieces used to be!

2000 AD Prog. 405 pg. 3
"The Ballad of Halo Jones" book 2 begins with this Prologue title page. Alan Moore created Halo, and she looks great here.

2000 AD Prog. 64, pg. 25
OK, I don't know much about Lopez. But the chance to own another early 2000 AD page -- at a great price -- was too great to resist. This is a page of his, from the 9 issue series "Death Planet".

StarLord 17 (2 Sept 78), pg. 14
Even though Carlos Ezquerra was the creator and principal artist on Strontium Dog, there were are few others who took on this great mutant storyline. This is an early page by Brendan McCarthy. Although not fully realized at this point, his distinctive style was just beginning to be seen here. Brendan later went on to draw many of my favorites including: Judge Dredd, Rogan Gosh, Strange Days and Paradax! Much later he went into animation and designed the characters on the TV show "ReBoot". This is a 2X up, full bleed page that is quite impressive in person.

2000 AD Prog. 32
After searching and searching, I was able to find 1 page by McMahon. Oh, how I'd love to have more, but I do feel fortunate to have even one! Even though he didn't create Dredd, he certainly influenced the charcter and design probabley more than any other artist. His blockey kneepads and huge feet were a trademark of his. He saw style and translated into his "future" art. Here's a page from the "Komputel" storyline.

2000 AD Prog. 238, pg 7
This is a page from a "Nemesis the Warlock" storyline. Possibly my favorite O'Neill creation ever. I've searched and searched and this was the first page from Nemesis that I could find. The character was what really put O'Neill on the map. Interestingly, O'Neill is the only artist whose art *style* was banned by the Comics Code Authority (the outdated, self-regulating comic book censorship association). I knew I liked his art for a reason...

2000 AD Prog. 168, pg. 12
This is an interestingly inked page. Lots of black and fingerprints. From "The Mind of Wolfie Smith".

2000 AD Prog. 230, pg. 12
Title page from the twist-ending series "Tharg's Future Shocks"

2000 AD Prog. 252, pg. 22
2000 AD Prog. 252, pg. 23
2000 AD Prog. 252, pg. 24
Here are 3 pages from Book 2 of "Nemesis the Warlock".

2000 AD Prog. 167 Judge Dredd dbl page title splash "The Judge Child"
Nice, large double page Title Page from Part 12 of "The Judge Child". Wow I really like Ron's art. These pages are spectacular in person. Very large and extrememly well detailed.

2000 AD Prog. 168 Judge Dredd "The Judge Child"
2000 AD Prog. 168 Judge Dredd "The Judge Child"
Cool page of Hershey and Dredd watching the War Machines being brought onto the battlefield. It leads very nicely into the pages just below.

2000 AD Prog. 169 Judge Dredd dbl page title splash
2000 AD Prog. 169 Judge Dredd "The Judge Child"
Here is a spectacular double page Title Splash from part 14 of "The Judge Child". Very large! War Machines.

2000 AD Prog. 169 pg. 19
In the midst of battle we find Judges Hershey and Dredd. What will happen? Will their quest continue? Or will it end here in this "game"?

2000 AD Prog. 174 pg. 20
Dredd and the Judges are shrunk! And they're going to be sold! What to do???

2000 AD Prog. 179, Judge Dredd pg. 20
This is an excellent page also from the "Judge Child". It features great shots of Dredd, the Angel Gang, Grunwalder and the Judge Child. Very clean and very large.

2000 AD Prog. 181 Judge Dredd "The Judge Child"
The epic is almost over. Here's the death of Pa Angel.

2000 AD Prog. 188, Judge Dredd pg. 20
This is a page from an early "Otto Sump" story.

2000 AD Prog 198 Judge Dredd dbl page title splash "Pirates of the Black Atlantic"
This is a great Judge Dredd Title splash. It is HUGE. Excuse the bad scan. From "Pirates of the Black Atlantic". Armageddon has arrived! Ron and Brian Bolland are my favorite Judge Dredd artists. Here's a spectacular dbl-pager. The scan does no justice to this oversized pages done on stiff board.

2000 AD Prog. 207, Judge Dredd dbl page title splash "Unamerican Graffiti"
Chopper Rules...as does this huge double page Title page!

2000 AD Prog. 307, end page from "Shanty Town"
Dredd seems to be in a bit of a bind here...I wonder if he'll be able to overcome the odds and bring those perps to justice????

2000 AD Prog. 348, Judge Dredd title page from "Bob & Carol & Ted & Ringo" pt.3
Here's a nice spoofing of British TV.

2000 AD Prog. 445 pg. 20
The citizens of Megacity One are killing themselves and the only thing Dredd can do is foam them. Will he discover the truth? Trick question...there is no truth...only The Law!

2000 AD Prog. 955 pg. 23
This is a very nicely painted page from a Slaine storyline. Slaine and Ukko are featured enjoying a banquet. Simon Bisley and Glen Fabry (both former Slaine painters)influences are clearly visible. This is what Slaine fans have come to demand.
Here's a close-up of the upper 3rd banquet scene.

2000 AD Prog. 885, pg. ?
This is a fully painted (airbrush, marker, paint, etc.) page from the politically incorrect "Babe Race 2000" storyline. This example of Anthony's work reminds me especially of Kevin O'Neill. I think that's why I like it so much.

2000 AD Prog. 132, pg. 22
"The Mind of Wolfie Smith" title page.

2000 AD Prog. 150, pg. 15
It's Captain Klep. Not too sure who drew this. Any ideas? Possibly Robin Smith, but don't hold me to it.

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